Monday, May 7, 2012

Good News!!

Love them!!
 Yeah!! My sister, Ariel just called and said she bought her plane ticket to come visit! Guess when?? Sunday May, 13 2012! That is this week! Yay for me!! I am so excited to have her and her super cute daughter, Lyla come stay with us. It will be glorious. :)
Isn't she cute??

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Avengers Date!

 May 4th!! The day the world was Avenged!! Dan and I (especially Dan) had been very much looking forward to the new movie The Avengers that came to theaters yesterday.We made a date of it! And the date was not a disappointment. We absolutely loved the movie! It was so awesome to see all those superheroes together battling evil! After the movie we, of course, had to ask ourselves "Who was your favorite?" Daniel had a hard time deciding between Captain America and the Man of Iron. He decided on Iron Man!! Who can resist his witty charm and awesome suit??? Me? Oh I loved the Incredible Hulk!! Maybe its the green? The rage? The muscles?? I don't know but I liked it! Who is your favorite?? I want to know??

Umm...We were pretty happy that we found this pic of both of our favorites together. Love them!!

 I had fun looking the part for our Avengers Date. Plus a T-shirt for a prego is always comfy. It was a win win! Oh, make that a triple win cause Dan thought I looked pretty cute. ;)

We both are pretty cute if I do say so myself. (I like him.) Now I will also take this time to point out Dan's cute smile. We have added something to that cute smile this week. BRACES!! Daniel has braces. Isn't that fun??

Now I need to explain these next pictures... After the movie we went and ourselves some yummy custard. And by the time we finished our custard we were still feeling young and frivolous. So we went to the local arcade to see what fun could be had there! We did pretty well and earned ourselves a nice pocketful of tickets. What did we buy with those tickets??? Mustaches!! Thus these really cool pics...

We look waaay too good in these!

We laid out our air mattress to have a sleepover. One of our favorite pastimes.

Dan had to try his in different places. He tried eyebrows, beard, and..


Goodnight Kiss!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'm Back!! ....Again!

Oh Hello! How are y'all?? So change is coming around the corner! I thought it would be a good time to post! Or at least check in. ;) I am now a full time, full fledged stay at home wife (soon to be mother). Yep, last week was my official last week of work as an Ortho Assistant. Lots of mixed feelings that have come with that. But it sure brings on a lot of excitement because that means baby time is getting closer!! I am 36 weeks, due May 31st. I feel so accomplished at this point. I mean, pregnancy is a lot of hard work! And to think I am on the count down...GO ME! And everyone else who has helped me make it to this point! All the kind words, dinner invites, sympathetic ears, baby showers and gifts, prayers, etc. I've got a good group of peeps all around me! You all are so very appreciated! I'll yack at ya soon!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Fall!

Hello, Hello! Long time no talk! We have had a lot of changes here the last couple months. Its been fun and exciting.
In September Dan turned the big 2-5. He is a grown man now! ;) He had a really nice "homey" birthday. We enjoyed spending it together. He always gets nervous each time he turns a year older. He says, "What have I accomplished in my life?!" I say being married and being a full time student is quite enough at the moment! He is such a hard worker and so diligent in his school studies. I love him!
We also had our 2 year anniversary in October! Yippee!! That was way fun! Its nice to have more marriage years under our belts, filled with lots of learning! We are excited for the new one ahead of us. It will be chalk full of learning!
Also in October we moved! We moved from a basement apartment to an apartment complex. It was exciting for both of us to be somewhere new. We really like our new place. It's nice and cozy. And it has two bedrooms! We have been here for 4 weeks now....the unpacking still isn't done. I haven't been feeling too well so I decided it wasn't important. But I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and I can't wait to decorate and situate!
That brings me to the last bit of news...It may not be much of news now because word has been out a while. Dan and I are pregs! Pregnant that is. We are both so thrilled! I am eleven weeks and still pushing through this thing they call "morning sickness". I am excited for the next phase of being pregnant....and Dan is too!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!!

Happy Fathers Day everyone!! I just love these special days to celebrate parental units. :) I give a special shout out to all you wonderful Dad's who have been so selfless to your families, who have been such a guiding light of love to their children. Thank you! And have a marvelous day!

Now for my very own special Fathers. Frist my Grandpa Theabold. Hi Grandpa! I love you so much and am so thankful for you in my life. What fun memories all your grandkids have of you! Fun cookouts on the desert, cookouts in your backyard, camping, your secret off-limits gun room, the special name of "Monkey", and all your fun jokes! I hope you have a wonderful day and know I will be thinkin about you! Love ya!!

Grandpa Johnson. :) Happy Father's Day! What a special Grandfather you are to all of your very own grandchildren. You are such a good example of love and service for all of us. How thankful we all are for the Norwegian blood that flows throuh our veins. :) I hope you have a love-filled Father's Day. You have so many people who love you. I love you and will be thinkin' about ya!

My own Dad's turn!! Happy Father's day! I love you and wish you a best day ever! Father's are so very special. They are the head of the household and can love and guide their families to happiness. I am so thankful for you Dad and all that you have done for me and for our family. You are so wonderful and I love you so very much!

My Dad is a lucky guy 'cause he has 10 extra people who love him!

Haha! Look at Tatum's face!

How much fun we have all had in growin' up!

We are all smilin' at you Dad with a love light in our eyes!

Remember when you got to go to girls camp with us?? Yeah Baby!

Love you so much Dad!

Friday, June 17, 2011

My Dream

I love dreaming. You can experience things that would never really normally happen. Its great! I had a couple of different dreams last night, but I'll only share one because it has to do with a certain someone I haven't introduced yet. So I plan on killing two birds with one stone. Tellin' my dream and introducing! So here we go!
Oh cats. :) Never been much of a cat fan. I don't know why, I grew up with them. They just don't please me. That's why my dream makes me laugh! So without further adieu... A mean man ...we will call him ...Mean Man, so Mean Man was wanting to take over all small creatures. Mainly puppies and kittens. Some of the kittens and puppies would turn over to the mean side and it felt so sad! Daniel and I were trying to scramble to save as many as we could. It seemed they were everywhere. I, all of a sudden, remembered a particular kitten named Darna who I had a special spot in my heart for. I needed to find her and make sure she was ok! I searched and searched! I finally found her in an abandoned baseball field behindd the bleachers. She was very weak. I grabbed her and held her close. I would pet her slowly trying to bring the life back to her. She finally woke up and as I held and rubbed her she became more aware and filled with life! It was such a relief to my heart! I had saved Darna!....And that was the end of my dream. Random. But now you may all be asking. "Who is this 'Darna'?"
I shall tell you! Darna is the new kitty Dan and I own! My families cat had kittens and they were so cute and the idea of a pet sounded so nice and homey to me. So...we now own a cat! But my dream of love and homey-ness is gone. I still don't enjoy the cat species. Darna and I have a very love-hate relationship. Yeah, she is cute and entertaining. But she scratches! And her new entertainment is my hair! Any chance she gets she is jumpin and pouncing at it! Which lots of times ends up being my face. Daniel loves her and is completely patient with her.
Back to my dream. I wake up feeling somewhat fond feelings for Darna. I get out of bed to go find her. I open the door and RAAARRR! she pounces right toward me! Any fantasies I might have had of our friendship disappears. Sigh...

Oh, hello Darna!

In case you were wondering, Darna is tagalog for "Wonder Woman".
Nice name huh? Though Ruby informs me she will continue to call her Skittles. (That was the name Ruby, my lil sister, had come up with.)

Happy Family!! ;)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Family Visit and Bear World!!

I LOVE when my family gets to come visit Daniel and I! I always miss them so much, so when a visit comes along it makes my whole month! My family (not all of them) got to come visit for a week over Memorial weekend. It was a happy week for me! Unfortunately the weather wasn't very nice so we couldn't play outside as much as I had hoped. But we did get the chance to go to Yellowstone Bear World. Dan and I had never been before and so we were super excited to go with our Fam! What is Bear World you may ask? Its a little park that has lots of different Idaho wildlife. You drive around in separate gated areas to see the different animals. They have elk, an albino elk, deer, mountain goats, moose, and lots of bears! It also has a cool gift shop, a couple of kiddie rides (which we all enjoyed), and a petting zoo. It was way fun!

My sister Savanah had brought her collection of bandana's. On our Bear World day we decided it was sister bandana day too!! Yeah baby!

My mom is so brave!! She rolled down her window and let this elk get super close!

Lyla looks a little apprehensive and concerned about the idea of us driving so close to all those bears...

This guy was my favorite! My Mom, being the brave woman she is, let him put his paws on her van and stand straight up to our windows! Haha! It was so fun!

Savanah and Storie!! Chonie (Savanah) and Storie are such good friends. Love them!

Lazy dude.

Mother and daughter! Oh I was so happy Ariel and Lyla got to come up too! I love Ariel, and Lyla is absolutely precious! Aren't they both so cute?!

One of the fun rides! This one would lift you up then drop you! I have to point out Ruby's little headdress. Can you see it on her head? Our neighbors little girls let her borrow it and she LOVED it! I think she wore it all week!

Waaaay too small Little Girl! Maybe next time.... :)

Daniel was tired out and decided to rest with the friendly neighborhood deer.

Best Friends!

Trey and Ruby gettin' cuddly!

Yay for Bear World! We all had so much fun!

The rest of the week we had a rainy barbeque with the Kivett's, rented and watched movies, went on a walk to Taco Bell, and showed the Fam the new BYU-I Center. Oh yeah! And I took Savanah and my Mother to Wingers for the first time!
Thank you so much Mom, Ariel, Lyla, Savanah, Trey, Storie, and Ruby for a wonderful, love-filled week! You guys are all so wonderful and I miss you much! Hurry back! ;)