Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Did It!

I did it! I completed my first week at my new job! I just started working at an orthodontist as an assistant. My good cousin, Amber Hendricks helped me get the job. :) I am so excited to be working there. Its so challenging and I have a lot of learning to do. I'm so grateful for new experiences and opportunities in my life. I am truly blessed. I have gained a stronger testimony of how much we need hard things and opportunities in our life so we can learn, grow and better depend on our Heavenly Father. It's allll good!! Wish me luck for next week! Haha!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


So this is my sweet sister, Savanah. Also known as "Chonie". For some reason I have been thinkin a lot about her and appreciating her as my sister. She is such a funny, goofy girl! I had the opportunity to room with her the last time I was down. I loved it! We would fall asleep reading together, we would wake up and make our beds together, we would put our make-up on together.

A couple reasons why I really love her:

-She likes to read like I do! We enjoy a lot of the same books!

-She is a good example to me. While getting ready in the morning she blares young women music!

-She is a Nazi when it comes to a clean room! Hahaha!

-She is my little sister.

-She has a loving and caring heart.

-Oh, and she always emails me back.

I love my sisters so much! I am so thankful for each one of them. They each help make my life joyful and complete. Thanks for being my friend Chonie! Love you!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Stay In AZ!

So I have been in Arizona for 2 weeks! The weather has been so so nice. I even had the chance to go swimming a couple times. Yeah baby! But the whole reason why I came down was for my sister Ariel who was going to be having her baby. She was due the 24th of March. I came the 21st. I told her to tell me the dates she would think I would need to be there and we booked a flight! So I got there Monday, she picked me up from the airport, looked at her cute pregnant belly and told her baby, "Ok you can come now." But much to Ariel and the rest of the family's dismay little girl was NOT ready to come out! She was nice and cozy in mommy's tummy. So...we had to preoccupy our time with fun things, birthday, castor oil, and excersize!

First things first was a girls night! I had the little girls, Storie and Ruby, help make innvitations for all the girls in my family. They were so cute and very creative. Savanah and Ariel helped too!

We made yummy treats that night. Watched a movie and painted our nails. Our cool cousin Kelyn came over as well. Oh yeah, and just because we like my brother Trey so much...He came too! It was great fun!

My family also got a milk cow while I was there! She isnt old enough to milk yet...but the process will begin in a couple months. Her name is either Miss Peach or Gemima. We'll see!

We also celebrated Jaret's 18th birthday! He is such a cool guy! He is a good example to his younger siblings. Jaret always has something funny to say or laugh at. He offers so much to our family. I am so thankful for him and love him a lot. He wanted an Angel Food Cake as well as a Chocolate cake. Both were delicious! We opened presents and just enjoyed our Jare-Bear!

Now I have to do a quick shout out for my hubby Daniel! I sure have missed him while I've been away! He is such a trooper to let me be gone for so long. He has been back home muscleing through the last few weeks of school and finals. He is such a hard, enduring worker. I am so proud of him and his hard work! I sure am looking forward to seeing him on Monday! All my family sure wished he was with me. This was a picture taken in rememberence of him!

He is the background on my phone.

Now... the moment I had been waiting for! The reason why I was able to be in AZ for so long! I was there the first week...and no baby, the second week started and I was hopeful but a little nervous that I would miss her entering into this world. The middle of the week passed and I was beginning to be resigned to my fate. I would miss her. But, Thursday came. Ariel went on a long walk with my mom early that morning. At about noon she took 3 Teaspoons of castor oil. She was ready to get that little girl here!

The family had a busy afternoon that day. I was helping run them around to where they needed to be. Ariel met up with us later, and started explaining the contractions she was having to my mom. She had had a couple of false labors the week before so we were all a little scared to get our hopes up. But they were different this time! Yay! We this was the day we had been waiting for! This was all at about 3:30 PM of March 31st. My mom called Aunt Joy, who would be delivering the baby at Tyler and Ariel's house, and luckily she was already on her way down!

By 12:00 AM April 1st Ariel's contractions started getting uncomfortable. She called my Mom and said she was ready for her and Aunt Joy to head on over. Its convenient at times like this that my family only lives a few minutes away from Tyler and Ariel! At 1:00 AM I get a text from my mom telling me I better get over there. I promptly got dressed and hurried my buns!

Now I have never been at a birth before. I was a little nervous to see it all, but curious. I also wanted to offer my sweet sister any support I could. When I walked into her bedroom it was an amazing sight. It was so quiet. Thats what surprised me. It was calm and quiet. Tyler had a special cd playing for Ariel to help keep her calm and focused. He was holding her hand and whispering softly in her ear. My mom was tickling her arms, trying to help her relax, Aunt Joy was massaging her feet. It was a room filled with love. I instantly had tears. Ariel was, of course, feeling very uncomfortable but she was trying to stay calm and not let the pain control her. Tyler was being so concerned and helping her focus. I was very impressed with the attention he was giving her. A little after I got there she started feeling the need to push. So we all, of course, stayed close to help her anyway that she needed.

I am so proud of my sister. Her strength amazed me. She had prepared for this moment and was ready and willing to give, what she believed, the best experience of entering this life for her sweet baby. She was so brave. I hope to be as brave as her one day. Her sweet little baby was born after 11 hours of labor at 2:45 AM on April Fools. She was 21 inches. 8 pounds 10 ounces. She has tons of family who love her so much! She is so sweet and precious! They have yet to decide on her name.

Her first bath and getting into her pink nightgown!

Mommy and baby all cleaned up. Aren't they such a sweet family??

Little girl with two of her Aunties!

So precious!