Sunday, March 8, 2009

Long time no talk!! Ha a lot has happened since this thing was last updated. A lot of good things I would say! I guess I will first start at the beginning. I moved to Rexburg about 5 months ago. When I moved here I met an RM named Daniel Thompson. We started hangin out a lot. In groups and also just the two of us. At first i thought, "Wow! What a fun friendship this is going to be!" I really liked being with him and I enjoyed our conversations we had. Well it didnt take long for me to realize I was startin to like this guy a little bit more then a friend. And the same went for him! So a couple months after our first meeting we began dating "officially".

I have loved getting to know this young man. He is so friendly and hardworking. He has the most contagious smile, I love it! Daniel is attending BYU-I and majoring in Communications. He is a convert to the church and the only memeber in his family. He has a strong testimony which shows in his everyday living. He is from a small town in Texas called Vidor. He served his mission in the Philippines which is kinda cool because he is Philippino. He spoke the language of Tagalog which he has lately been trying to teach me. :) We have a lot of fun together, we bowl a lot (which i am really not partial to cause i stink!), watch movies, go on walks, and make lots of yummy food! We just really enjoy each others company.

So now after about five months he has asked me to marry him! Crazy thought, me being engaged. :) But I am so happy! He is so wonderful and I am so excited for our life together.

Haha, so how is this for an update??