Tuesday, March 8, 2011

snow, Snow, SNOW!

So I came to a realization this morning about good ole Rexburg, ID. Springtime is just a tease. We are teased with nice 40-50 degree weather, where the sun shines and snow begins to melt. Its a lovely feeling. A feeling of freedom from winter jackets and houses with heaters. Then you wake up to a day like today. A couple inches of snow are covering sidewalks, cars, and streets. The wind is blowing, making the cold day even colder. All the progress you feel the process of Spring has made disappears. And I am once again reminded that I will most likely not see Spring. On Ground Hog's Day one of Daniel's teachers said after hearing that there would not be six more weeks of winter, "That does not apply to Rexburg." Oh goody!
So now what do I say?? Bring on the snowy days and the blistery wind!! I leave for Arizona in two weeks for two weeks! I will unthaw then. Then come back to Frozen Tundra and settle in till Summer! I am now to the point where, like the Little Engine that Could, I whisper to myself, "I think I can, I think I can." At times like these I become so thankful for all the little things. I have two wonderful heaters in my house I can sit by for as long as I need! Lots of blankets! (Granny I use the one you made for our wedding often.) A toasty warm husband who likes to snuggle! A cozy apartment that stays warm and guards us from the snow and wind. So once again I say "Bring on the snow!" I will try to stay unfrozen (and happy :)) until happy, warm summertime arrives!