Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Blog!!

Ok so I have always loved reading and seeing other peoples Blogs! I made my mother one last week, but...that wasn't enough. I guess I needed one myself. And since my life is always exciting (hahahaha) I decided it was a really good idea! So here I am!

So hmmm its a Sunday night and I am sittin at the Kivetts house with the Cous's and my sister, Ariel. And we are all in a snacky mood:) (One of my favorite and ever present moods, seems like.) So we are waiting for twelve O'clock to come around so we can drive to the nearest gas station and get some snacks!!! Preferably Chocolate.... I really love my cousins and sister. They are such fun people to be with and I am so glad we are friends. We have some gooooood times!! .....twenty more minutes till twelve:)