Saturday, February 26, 2011

Learning How to Post Pics!!

So this is just me learning how to post some pictures! and I thought I would share some fun times we have had recently!

Dan and his friend Jeremy coached an Ultimate
frisbee team for two seasons. They won both seasons!

This was our family Christmas pic!

We spent Christmas with my Fam in good ole AZ!
Love my mom! Love cookin good food!

While there, we took family pictures!

I Live!

Hello, hello! So I had some cousins recently telling me I need to update my blog (Ok, ok so it has been 2 years..). Thus, here I am once again! Wish me luck!

So when we last talked I was recently engaged:). I am now full blown married! I am so thankful to have that first year over and done with! Ha! It was hard and we had a lot of learning to do! But seriously, I see all these newly married girls saying how much they love being married and how much they love their husbands...I guess I missed that one! ...But all teasing aside, I do love being married. It has taught me so much. I am so thankful for this time in my life to grow closer to Heavenly Father and my hubby. It does bring true happiness.

Dan and I are just living it up snow style! Actually I try to not involve the snow in my life as much as possible. I am such a wimp when it comes to cold. But what can I say? Arizona, born and raised!! Daniel is in school now, he works so hard to do well in all his classes. He is working on a Communications Major, and is also looking at continuing into Law school. He enjoys school but is definitely looking forward to this summer when he has no homework for a while. He also works at the school radio station 3 times a week. He really enjoys doing that and does a pretty good job, if I do say so myself! :) And me? I am just workin! I work for a facility here that services the mentally disabled. The work is really enjoyable to me. I love spending time with that population of people. I learn so much about myself and just how to love others. We attend a family ward here and we both have callings in the nursery. As Dan has said before, his guilty pleasures are now "play-do and goldfish crackers". We have a lot of fun in there. :)

Welp, I guess that is all for now! I caught you up a bit. Love y'all and will talk to you soon! Happy day!