Friday, June 17, 2011

My Dream

I love dreaming. You can experience things that would never really normally happen. Its great! I had a couple of different dreams last night, but I'll only share one because it has to do with a certain someone I haven't introduced yet. So I plan on killing two birds with one stone. Tellin' my dream and introducing! So here we go!
Oh cats. :) Never been much of a cat fan. I don't know why, I grew up with them. They just don't please me. That's why my dream makes me laugh! So without further adieu... A mean man ...we will call him ...Mean Man, so Mean Man was wanting to take over all small creatures. Mainly puppies and kittens. Some of the kittens and puppies would turn over to the mean side and it felt so sad! Daniel and I were trying to scramble to save as many as we could. It seemed they were everywhere. I, all of a sudden, remembered a particular kitten named Darna who I had a special spot in my heart for. I needed to find her and make sure she was ok! I searched and searched! I finally found her in an abandoned baseball field behindd the bleachers. She was very weak. I grabbed her and held her close. I would pet her slowly trying to bring the life back to her. She finally woke up and as I held and rubbed her she became more aware and filled with life! It was such a relief to my heart! I had saved Darna!....And that was the end of my dream. Random. But now you may all be asking. "Who is this 'Darna'?"
I shall tell you! Darna is the new kitty Dan and I own! My families cat had kittens and they were so cute and the idea of a pet sounded so nice and homey to me. So...we now own a cat! But my dream of love and homey-ness is gone. I still don't enjoy the cat species. Darna and I have a very love-hate relationship. Yeah, she is cute and entertaining. But she scratches! And her new entertainment is my hair! Any chance she gets she is jumpin and pouncing at it! Which lots of times ends up being my face. Daniel loves her and is completely patient with her.
Back to my dream. I wake up feeling somewhat fond feelings for Darna. I get out of bed to go find her. I open the door and RAAARRR! she pounces right toward me! Any fantasies I might have had of our friendship disappears. Sigh...

Oh, hello Darna!

In case you were wondering, Darna is tagalog for "Wonder Woman".
Nice name huh? Though Ruby informs me she will continue to call her Skittles. (That was the name Ruby, my lil sister, had come up with.)

Happy Family!! ;)

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Amy Allen said...

Cute story. Not much of a cat fan either! I did like my old friend, Ashton's 3 legged cat, Scooter, I think that was his name. I love Darna's name it's awesome! Enjoy you're new addition. Love you guys muah!