Sunday, June 12, 2011

Family Visit and Bear World!!

I LOVE when my family gets to come visit Daniel and I! I always miss them so much, so when a visit comes along it makes my whole month! My family (not all of them) got to come visit for a week over Memorial weekend. It was a happy week for me! Unfortunately the weather wasn't very nice so we couldn't play outside as much as I had hoped. But we did get the chance to go to Yellowstone Bear World. Dan and I had never been before and so we were super excited to go with our Fam! What is Bear World you may ask? Its a little park that has lots of different Idaho wildlife. You drive around in separate gated areas to see the different animals. They have elk, an albino elk, deer, mountain goats, moose, and lots of bears! It also has a cool gift shop, a couple of kiddie rides (which we all enjoyed), and a petting zoo. It was way fun!

My sister Savanah had brought her collection of bandana's. On our Bear World day we decided it was sister bandana day too!! Yeah baby!

My mom is so brave!! She rolled down her window and let this elk get super close!

Lyla looks a little apprehensive and concerned about the idea of us driving so close to all those bears...

This guy was my favorite! My Mom, being the brave woman she is, let him put his paws on her van and stand straight up to our windows! Haha! It was so fun!

Savanah and Storie!! Chonie (Savanah) and Storie are such good friends. Love them!

Lazy dude.

Mother and daughter! Oh I was so happy Ariel and Lyla got to come up too! I love Ariel, and Lyla is absolutely precious! Aren't they both so cute?!

One of the fun rides! This one would lift you up then drop you! I have to point out Ruby's little headdress. Can you see it on her head? Our neighbors little girls let her borrow it and she LOVED it! I think she wore it all week!

Waaaay too small Little Girl! Maybe next time.... :)

Daniel was tired out and decided to rest with the friendly neighborhood deer.

Best Friends!

Trey and Ruby gettin' cuddly!

Yay for Bear World! We all had so much fun!

The rest of the week we had a rainy barbeque with the Kivett's, rented and watched movies, went on a walk to Taco Bell, and showed the Fam the new BYU-I Center. Oh yeah! And I took Savanah and my Mother to Wingers for the first time!
Thank you so much Mom, Ariel, Lyla, Savanah, Trey, Storie, and Ruby for a wonderful, love-filled week! You guys are all so wonderful and I miss you much! Hurry back! ;)

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Curtis & Kristy Hofmann said...

I want to come visit you!! I secretly miss Rexburg.