Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!!

Happy Fathers Day everyone!! I just love these special days to celebrate parental units. :) I give a special shout out to all you wonderful Dad's who have been so selfless to your families, who have been such a guiding light of love to their children. Thank you! And have a marvelous day!

Now for my very own special Fathers. Frist my Grandpa Theabold. Hi Grandpa! I love you so much and am so thankful for you in my life. What fun memories all your grandkids have of you! Fun cookouts on the desert, cookouts in your backyard, camping, your secret off-limits gun room, the special name of "Monkey", and all your fun jokes! I hope you have a wonderful day and know I will be thinkin about you! Love ya!!

Grandpa Johnson. :) Happy Father's Day! What a special Grandfather you are to all of your very own grandchildren. You are such a good example of love and service for all of us. How thankful we all are for the Norwegian blood that flows throuh our veins. :) I hope you have a love-filled Father's Day. You have so many people who love you. I love you and will be thinkin' about ya!

My own Dad's turn!! Happy Father's day! I love you and wish you a best day ever! Father's are so very special. They are the head of the household and can love and guide their families to happiness. I am so thankful for you Dad and all that you have done for me and for our family. You are so wonderful and I love you so very much!

My Dad is a lucky guy 'cause he has 10 extra people who love him!

Haha! Look at Tatum's face!

How much fun we have all had in growin' up!

We are all smilin' at you Dad with a love light in our eyes!

Remember when you got to go to girls camp with us?? Yeah Baby!

Love you so much Dad!

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Anonymous said...

You are so thoughtful to take time to be thankful and are an example to me. People and memories are two things we can take with us after this life and now is the time to build and aappreciate. Thanks for sharing...I love you :)