Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'm Back!! ....Again!

Oh Hello! How are y'all?? So change is coming around the corner! I thought it would be a good time to post! Or at least check in. ;) I am now a full time, full fledged stay at home wife (soon to be mother). Yep, last week was my official last week of work as an Ortho Assistant. Lots of mixed feelings that have come with that. But it sure brings on a lot of excitement because that means baby time is getting closer!! I am 36 weeks, due May 31st. I feel so accomplished at this point. I mean, pregnancy is a lot of hard work! And to think I am on the count down...GO ME! And everyone else who has helped me make it to this point! All the kind words, dinner invites, sympathetic ears, baby showers and gifts, prayers, etc. I've got a good group of peeps all around me! You all are so very appreciated! I'll yack at ya soon!


Radfords said...

YAY for stay at home-ness!!! Glad you're back to the blog world! I hope to read a birth story on here soon! :) Love ya Hails!

Curtis and Kristy Hofmann said...

Your gonna get a new little boss here soon! A mother's job is never done. :) love you!