Saturday, May 5, 2012

Avengers Date!

 May 4th!! The day the world was Avenged!! Dan and I (especially Dan) had been very much looking forward to the new movie The Avengers that came to theaters yesterday.We made a date of it! And the date was not a disappointment. We absolutely loved the movie! It was so awesome to see all those superheroes together battling evil! After the movie we, of course, had to ask ourselves "Who was your favorite?" Daniel had a hard time deciding between Captain America and the Man of Iron. He decided on Iron Man!! Who can resist his witty charm and awesome suit??? Me? Oh I loved the Incredible Hulk!! Maybe its the green? The rage? The muscles?? I don't know but I liked it! Who is your favorite?? I want to know??

Umm...We were pretty happy that we found this pic of both of our favorites together. Love them!!

 I had fun looking the part for our Avengers Date. Plus a T-shirt for a prego is always comfy. It was a win win! Oh, make that a triple win cause Dan thought I looked pretty cute. ;)

We both are pretty cute if I do say so myself. (I like him.) Now I will also take this time to point out Dan's cute smile. We have added something to that cute smile this week. BRACES!! Daniel has braces. Isn't that fun??

Now I need to explain these next pictures... After the movie we went and ourselves some yummy custard. And by the time we finished our custard we were still feeling young and frivolous. So we went to the local arcade to see what fun could be had there! We did pretty well and earned ourselves a nice pocketful of tickets. What did we buy with those tickets??? Mustaches!! Thus these really cool pics...

We look waaay too good in these!

We laid out our air mattress to have a sleepover. One of our favorite pastimes.

Dan had to try his in different places. He tried eyebrows, beard, and..


Goodnight Kiss!!

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Curtis and Kristy Hofmann said...

fun stuff! I almost miss my big belly... bet ya can't wait to add that little boy into the mix!!!